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Wedding Registry

   Gene      Rebecca

     We met at our local church, Colorado Christian Fellowship (CCF), on the For Love of Worship (FLOW) team.  Gene has ministered in the band since 2018 and Rebecca joined the vocalists in 2020. We love to praise God and desire to live a life that will glorify Jesus. 

      We enjoy music, swimming, dancing and exploring the great outdoors. Together we have three pets. Our short-term goals are to celebrate our Godly union/covenant with a special honeymoon, purchase a new bed and sofa.  Then work towards owning a home together and starting a family. 

Your presence at our wedding is the greatest gift of all. If it is your desire to bless us, we will greatly appreciate a contribution towards our goals below.

Contribute through Venmo app

 Scanning a Venmo QR code is simple – Double click the QR code/link







Venmo Link .jpeg

or aim your camera at the code. Once camera identifies code, the yellow box will appear , click on "Venmo".


Click " Pay or Request " Enter Preferred Amount, Type in - (example ; Home Fund) in the designated "What's this for?" Text Box & click " Pay " and you are complete. Enter 3164 if prompted for last 4 digits of Phone Number. 

We Thank you!


Locate QR code(double click this picture)


Use camera to generate Venmo option


click prompted Venmo tab

select "pay"

enter amount and type in ex.
"Home fund"


Home Fund

We seek to own instead of rent...  this is one of our first goals in marriage. 


<- New Bed
New Couch ->

We hope to purchase a new mattress and sofa after the wedding, when we move in together.  

IMG_5129 2.jpg



Honeymoon Flight
~ takeoff ~

We hope to have a special honeymoon out of the USA. We are interested in Central America or the Caribbean. As soon as we pick our destination we will update with info. 


Honeymoon retreat

We are looking for a secluded get-a-way near the ocean where we can swim and relax in calm waters. 


Honeymoon Meals

During our week of honeymoon vacation we will enjoy lovely breakfast, lunch, and dinners.

We look forward to experiencing the flavors from the local culture and trying new foods for our tastebuds.

Breakfast Table


We both love to swim and can't wait to snorkel together daily, as we go deeper in love bonding under the sea.



We look forward to signing up for adventures as "The Singletons"  and continue to explore new ways to crack out of our shells. We bet there will be stories to share on our return!

Water Tour

Honeymoon Return Flight 

After our honeymoon we will need a ride home so we can start our new life as "The Singletons" and begin ministering along side each other to fulfill God's calling on our lives. 


4505 S. Pagosa Cir. 
Aurora, CO 80015

Mailing Address:

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