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Gene R. Singleton Jr. (GRSJR) is a media powerhouse. Gene is a dancer/cinematographer and composer who uses music theory and film to help paint explosive visuals and sounds to reach out to others. Dealing with the loss of loved ones, depression and a will to succeed despite a slow start has been the root of my being.


 Journey, My 1st project composed, recorded and mixed by myself came about through my interactions as a warehouse worker in a well know  music store. in Savannah Georgia. During my work period I was introduced to several DAWs (
A digital audio workstation (DAW) is an electric or electronic device, or computer software application for recording, editing and producing audio files. ) this allowed me to lay out my thoughts virtually rather than writing my compositions on paper.


I grew up under a mother and father carrying the torch as organists at their churches. Young I was exposed to the talent of musicians backing choirs and vocalists. I was a street musician wooing the tourists of the  

Savannah Historic District outside of the normal 9-5

 having a background in concert band and marching band, almost every night i figured I'd push my self to see if i would get the same response with multiple instruments. Generating a buzz , I brought my physical copies of my newly released Journey (2013) album while playing downtown and that boosted my social presence and i managed to obtain a music app found in google play and the app store provided by eMinor | CrunchBase which would allow my followers free ability to listen to any tunes i uploaded via web.


 In hopes of finding a way to expand my life, I found just that in Denver, Colorado taking a two week trip that resulted in a life changing solo step in to the real world.


Since my arrival, I've released two more albums and was fortunate enough to play and record an album at the university of denver with the "the well beings" band, a mountain funk band we played in over 30 cities in. As of July 2019 I am very happy to announce I am proudly endorsing Soultone Cymbals and I'm now a Brand Ambassador. As a child I dreamed of opportunities to use the skills that I practice so hard to have and now I finally have my chance. Through audio & sound production and independent films which showcase the inner beauty of the cities I visit and people I meet, I plan to also expand my audience and self growth.. I'm looking forward to branching out of my independent films and hopefully writing for LOCAL TALENT AND major films. (any thing is possible).


if anything, i need help dialing in my brain. i can do everything i want right now. i'm still trying to create a better mix and presentation. i can do this. i am capable. with time, love, and patience just like anything else, it'll blossom  into what it's supposed to be. in the meantime, please don't discredit my work because it wasn't recorded in your favorite producers studio. sometimes you have to brush the dirt off to see the value in that diamond.




I'm still figuring things out but this website is a way to keep up with my journey of healing & acceptance of myself and how i'm actively trying everyday to rewire, detach from negative routine, and understand the laws of receptivity.

Gene R. Singleton Jr.
-Sound Engineer (update 2020 Bearer of Absolute Pitch!)
- Multi- Instrumentalist & Vocalist/Beat-box (Piano, Acoustic drum set, Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Bass ,Guitar , Accordion + )
-Modern/ Hip hop Dancer
- Amateur Cinematographer/ photographer ( ALWAYS Growing )


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