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Art of GRSJR - Gene R. Singleton Jr.

Feel free to drop a dime through paypal!! Anything helps contribute to my engineering journey and Art of Grsjr! Normally Everything I buy is used but even that costs a bit. i play 40 instruments. i keep at least 10 on hand. One of the greatest things about my craft is I can make what I want WHEN I want it. I'm working on developing my sound, but please guys understand I taught myself how to arrange, edit, mix, pan, automate, record and play all this myself. I'm trying very hard. how about help a brother out lol.


Special Thanks


I'd like to give a special thanks to Colorado Christian Fellowship, God, My parents and siblings , My Godparents , Aunts & Uncles , Close Family friends and family , Ellabell/Groover Hill Family , Phi Beta Sigma / Sigma Beta Club , and all of the very supportive teachers who took the time to help me when other teachers didn't!

For the most part, all this is a reflection of the seed you guys planted. I'm forever grateful. It's only the beginning. I'm going to crack this ceiling into a thousand peices.

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