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Upload your rifts ,voice ,Ideas , rudiments , scales , favorite couple of bars of your favorite tune and have a notecard in the video that says #Gharm or #GRSJR (Has to be in the video for the submission to be accepted). I'll mix your video and audio with my addition and the final is reposted on my page for all to see. Good Luck guys! Let's see how creative you can get.


#CommunityCollaboration If you have a DAW, that's great. If not, isolate your audio as much as you can so I can cut around it mixing the audio together with my footage included :)


Videos can be 30 seconds long. No foul language guys. This is a wave of light. Remember if you're doing a recording with your phones audio, be conscious of the background noise in your immediate surroundings. Take care! I'll catch up with you soon on this project. You can sing and/or play an instrument.

If you guys want to hang out in person, this is a good way to get over that initial collab jump. Dont be afraid to press on your gift. There's power there.


Tag Gene R. Singleton Jr. on Facebook or tag Gene & Art of GRSJR on Facebook. If you don't get a thumbs up, send the video link to my dm to MAKE SURE I've received it! If you are on my website, jump back to the home page and send me your video link through this portal.

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